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Sometimes it’s dangerous to think outside the box,
To be different, to be unorthodox.
Just like Isaac Newton beneath an apple tree,
and the Theory of Relativity.
Charles Darwin was a naturalist,
He had some funky ideas about how we exist.
He thought a lot about what makes living things the same,
Natural selection, evolutionary change.

Now Pre-Darwinian science was influenced heavily by theology. It was believed that all organisms were created simultaneously by God, and all life-forms were unchanging from the moment of their creation. Darwin thought-this can’t be.

It was 1831 when the Beagle sailed the sea,
On the voyage that sowed the seeds for Darwin’s place in history.
They docked at Tortoise Island near some cactus by the shore,
Surrounded by Galapagos creatures they had never seen before.

The finches’ beaks weren’t all the same,
Darwin gave the birds different names.
Back to England with news for the king:
The origin of species is
a traceable thing!

And thus Darwinian science was developed. Evolution does occur. Evolutionary change is gradual and driven by natural selection. Every species alive today arose from a single original life form. Everything we have believed to this point is wrong.

On the Origin of Species, Victorians be damned,
Favorable adaptation, to live is to adapt.
Competing for survival yields offspring of the strong,
The weak don’t eat, I guess they don’t belong.
Evolution is natural, it’s theorized, it's factual.
To think that all the birds we see, playing in the brush,
Once were feathered little dinosaurs, they’ve grown up so much.

Initially there was much opposition to Darwin from religious thinkers and some scientists. But it was soon overcome. Evolution was accepted by the middle classes. From so simple a beginning, one of the most important and unifying theories in the history of scientific thought had opened the door to an understanding of the world around us...and beyond!

Four billion years now,
the tree of life grows on
Ninety-nine percent of species have come and now they’re gone.
A simile to the affinities, we’re all made up of dust,
It’s ok to think this way, your God won't mind that much
Sometimes it’s dangerous to stay inside the box,
Keeping that in mind I think evolution rocks.
Keeping that in mind, I think evolution rocks.

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The Evolution EP

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