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Hailing from the fertile musical grounds stretching out from the shadows of nearby Chicago, Overman is the result of four distinct voices and myriad styles congealing to create a unique and multifaceted, yet popular and accessible, musical identity. Its sound speaks, variously, of the pop sensibilities of the Beatles, of the storytelling of American folk, of alternative rock and of Delta blues, a melodic cocktail that has led fans, contemporaries, and professionals to make comparisons to everyone from Primus to Zappa, the Beatles to the Barenaked Ladies.

Believing that good bands function as families, Overman’s constituent members ─ Aaron Kelly (vocals, bass), Matthew Radowski (vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Eggenberger (vocals, lead guitar) and Jason Burley (drums) ─ share an address in Joliet, Illinois, a five-bedroom farmhouse that serves as an ideal cauldron for the simmering brew of the band’s creative process and experimentation. Their common dwelling enables both an intimate connection between bandmates and around-the-clock collaboration, operating as ground zero as the band has grown, since its formation in 2003, from a local barroom favorite to a regular on Chicago’s live music scene.

Overman’s latest release, The Evolution EP, features the single “Evolution Rocks,” a much-blogged-over ode to Darwin that’s become an anthem for science teachers nationwide and overseas and has received the endorsement of The National Science Teachers Association.

Overman's songs leave no human emotion unexplored and utilize many different genres to do so. With influences ranging from Lightnin' Hopkins to Outkast to the Velvet Underground , each song has it's own unique personality, yet still fit perfectly next to each other. Overman's live performances underline two basic principals: great music and fun.

*Bands that Overman has Performed with
Local H, Groovatron, Eugene Chadborne

1 song in National WGN TV Programming
1 song in PBS TV Programming
1 song in NPR Programming
1 song in Skeptic Magazine Compilation.

*Colleges Played
Illinois State University
University of Iowa
University of Illinois
Southern Illinois University
Mounmouth College
Augustana College

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'The Evolution EP'
now avaliable on
and iTunes!!! Overman - The Evolution - EP

The Evolution EP

Overman's first EP includes their hit 'Evolution Rocks', alrealdy heard worldwide in countless classrooms!

Click here for lyrics to Evolution Rocks!

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